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An outside point of view to improve your higher education ressources and faclitate the employment of your graduates.

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Building successful education since 2012
Campus Globe services aim at improving existing higher education resources through:
– supervision of studies
– management of quality procedures
– audit of teaching practices
– development of international relations
– development of industry relations
– program design


Development of international relations: academic cooperation with foreign universities, admission of international students, setup of offshore campus

Education quality

Supervision of studies & management of quality procedures


Audit of teaching practices and benchmarking with Western practices

Industry relations

Development of industry relations with key corporate accounts (partnership, R&D cooperation, supply of adult education & HR services)

Case study no. 1: opening of the new Dakar Open Campus

In Senegal, Campus Globe contributed to the opening of a new institution – Dakar Open Campus – which was inaugurated by H.E. Senegalese Minister for Higher Education & Research, Professor Mary Tew NIANE in February 2017.

Case study no. 2: deployment of Swiss degrees in Algeria

In Alger, Campus Globe assisted Swiss UMEF University in the deployment of three offshore Bachelor’s degrees which did open in the fall of 2019 on the campus of the prestigeous local EFTG business school. The opening ceremony was presided by EFTG Director, Mrs Amina BENABDESLEM, and her staff as well as H.E. Mr Lukas ROSENKRANZ, Switzerland Ambassador in Algeria, and Mr Herve SALKIN, Campus Globe Director.